mid-century modern living room

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Design

Organic influences, simple forms, function emphasis, and democratic design are the defining characteristics of Mid-Century Modern design

Organic Influence

Mid-century modern sofa

Organic style is the idea of having a fluid setting and living comfortably with nature. The style focuses on fluid lines, natural energy, and natural materials. The overall design should have plenty of greenery, movement, and light. Organic designs stand out in bathrooms, living areas, and bedrooms. The perfect organic and natural colors to choose are green, brown and white. Organic furniture’s used should have smooth and fluid lines especially those that are low-lying in nature. The overall organic style should be natural, clean and showcase foliage.

Mid-century modern

Simple Forms

The mid-century modern style should interchangeably use traditional materials such as wood and nontraditional materials such as vinyl, glass, and metal. These materials should be utilized effectively relying mostly on traditional materials to bring out the idea of mid-century age, style and look. Most of the non-traditional material was not easily available in the mid-century era but it is equally important to include them in your design to avoid being common and embrace uniqueness.

Mid-century modern chairs and sofa

Function Emphasis

Mid-century modern design should emphasize heavily on the function of every unique idea you have incorporated in your style. The white color used in interior design can symbolize purity and peace whereas wooden furniture’s can represent materials that were available in the mid-century. Huge painting mounted on walls brings out the nature of being wealthy. When it comes to design, small items that are you choose as materials should have a meaning or symbolize an idea leaving room for interpretation.

Mid-century modern living room

Mid-century modern coffee table

Democratic design

Mid-century modern design should focus on all people and not specific individuals. Anyone that has the privilege to visualize the art and style embraced in the design should be able to interpret the idea formulated by the architect. The design should not be too detailed but rather simple and accommodating to all audiences.

Mid-century modern coffee table

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