Mid-Century Modern HUB is a thorough guide to the Mid-Century Modern style: its defining characteristics and meaning.

Learning more about Mid-Century Modern can be a treat, and it’s one of the most interesting experiences you can have. Our profiles cover the top MCM designers from all over the world, including Sweden, UK, Italy, France and the US. You will be able to learn about their lives through a number of short biographies, understand their innovative style, and identify their masterpieces.

We also want to provide unique furniture and lighting inspirations from this set of iconic designers. We feature classic but also newer MCM style ideas that you can study and explore as you see fit. We really want to make it easy for you to immerse yourself into the MCM style and implement it into your own space. It’s fun, different and it encourages you to think outside the box.

What makes Mid-Century Modern HUB unique is the fact that is created by a team who is authentically passionate about this style. We firmly believe MCM is timeless. Our commitment is always to value and quality and all information presented on our site are very accurate to the best of our knowledge. If you are truly passionate about the Mid-Century Modern style, browse our website and check our profiles and you will be impressed with the quality of our content.

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